first course

March 13, 2011

Food is an amazing product, so versatile and wholesome.  It is indulgence and survival.  Food has the ability to excite all the senses – the sight of melted oozing cheese, the sound of sizzling bacon in a pan, the texture of a crusty bread loaf, the scent of a fresh pineapple – all interacting to enhance the flavor and what occurs within ones mouth.

I am interested in the ephemeral qualities of food.  Fresh will spoil.  Delicious will be devoured.  Photography allows you to have your cake and eat it too.

In addition to the final product, I am also interested in the process work.  Consider this space the kitchen counter before the white tablecloth of the main room.  Process is progress – learning how to cook, prepare, and feed while learning how to better light, style, and document it all.

I want to know what makes you drool.


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