love your tools

March 26, 2011

“Give us the tools and we will finish the job.”  – Winston Churchill

I am a firm believer in a strong mise en place – be it in the kitchen, in your purse, at your desk – having the right tool in the right place right when you need it is important to all aspects of daily life.  And whenever you are able, it is just as important to indulge in great equipment, like that pen with the fantastic grip that has the smoothest ink flow and never smudges, or the porcelain measuring spoons after a history of plastic ones melting into dishwasher oblivion, or upgrading to a hand mixer when you’ve had it with wooden spoons and Popeye arms.

My fabulous friend Meg has the most beautiful marble rolling pin.  It was a rite-of-passage Christmas gift in university from her mum who believes “if your rolling pin isn’t heavy enough to cause serious damage to someone…it’s not worth having.” With this magnificent tool in her arsenal, she is intent on perfecting made-from-scratch piecrust.  (Every time I’ve visited Meg’s kitchen, I’ve asked to cradle her marble rolling pin.  It’s like holding an Academy Award.)

If you enjoy the tool, you’ll probably end up getting more work done with it, ultimately proving its investment value and increasing your skills in the process.

Now, somebody please buy me these adorable measuring cups and I will bake you anything.


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