edible adventures: toronto 1

April 15, 2011

Last weekend I travelled to Toronto on a teeny spring break to celebrate birthdays for a couple of dear friends.  I discovered the photographs I chose to bring home with me were more of the meals than of the people I was able to enjoy.  Since I am no longer currently living in that city, it seems like there is an even greater need to document the deliciousness I am able to consume  – once the plate is savored and devoured, it is no more – whereas when I am in Chicago, I know my relationships still exist with those I love in Toronto, and when I have the opportunity to enjoy their present company, a camera can become an awkward intrusion.

Photography is the only real way to have your cake and eat it too.

(Purse camera, please forgive the photo quality.)

Friday night.  Birthday gathering at Duggan’s Brewery.  Duck Confit Poutine.  I had checked out the menu on their website and this item was a clear standout.  Chicago offers poutine pub grub, but it’s never done right – always with the shredded cheese! – so any opportunity is seized for the real deal while I am north of the border.  I can’t recall if I’ve ever had duck before, so this was a step into new waters.  The poutine had just the right about of gravy, enough for the absence of dry fries but not so much as to be a soggy mess, with enough succulent meat to make it worth my while (there was mild apprehension about ordering, afraid I’d receive only a small sprinkling of the delightful duck).  This delicious dish paired brilliantly with a pint of the in-house brewed #9 IPA.  After finishing (my trousers have a discreet side zipper which came in quite handy for finding the bottom of this bowl), I arrived at the conclusion that if I ever learn how to cook a bird (an entire bird, Thanksgiving-style), I shall stuff it with poutine as a fromage homage to this particular menu item.

Saturday afternoon.  Family brunch at Maggie’s All Day Breakfast on College east of Bathurst.  Eggs Oceanic.  I really should have gone around the table to take a photo of everyone’s plate, but as soon as mine arrived I was too enamoured I could not stray!  Smoked salmon over two poached eggs atop a cheddar frittata smothered in hollandaise sauce, with side fruit, garlic fries, and a bottomless mug of coffee.  The garlic fries alone are reason enough to keep me coming back (this was my third brunch at Maggie’s in the past eight months).  The menu is extensive in its sweet and savory options, one really must be dedicated to their selection for it’s easy to reconsider with so many drool-worthy items to choose from.   Or you could go there every weekend and eat your way through the menu over the course of a few months.   Or your could take five of your best friends along and taste the whole menu in one sitting.  These are all great ideas that I fully endorse.


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