hot dog party

June 16, 2011

Last Saturday I travelled to the western suburbs for the legendary Hot Dog Party at Uncle Jon’s Music in Westmont.  I went for the bands – Ripe Fruit and the triumphant (but all too brief) reunion of All Things Lucid – but stayed to nom upon the unlimited free hot dogs!!

Check out this delightful diddy for the event by Stephen Paul Smoker and Ripe Fruit!

I gobbled up six free Ballpark franks and answered some very important questions – with French’s penmanship.

Hey Leighann, what’s that you’ve got there?

What do you like on your dog?

Whose hot dog is this?

(Sorry it’s been a while!  Chicago’s schizophrenic spring – 100° one day, 50° the next!?! -had driven me out of my un-air-conditioned fourth floor walk-up, and therefore out of my kitchen.  More regular posting, promise!)


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