taco pizza

July 10, 2011

When the bars close, what is your munchie of choice?  For me, it usually comes down to tacos or pizza.

After a show last summer, my friend guitar demon and web designer Michael Kostal and I wondered what would happen if we got a taco and a pizza together, made them breed, and ATE THEIR TACO PIZZA BABIES!!  There was general drunken drooling as we imagined how delectable the addition of taco flavors to a pizza could be.  “Or it could be a pizza in a taco!?!”

It’s summer again.  Having been unable to come across a decent incarnation of my taco pizza dreams in the past year, and being an expert already in the art of the pita pizza, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

But a pita is too thick and a tortilla is too thin, but a fajita wrap is juuuust right for the perfect taco pizza crust.  Actually, you’re going to need two of them – married by melted cheese – if you plan on holding your taco like a pizza, instead of having all the goods flop out.

On top of that I had low-fat refried beans (had to negate somewhere, there’s a lot of cheese on top), guacamole, taco seasoned ground beef, sliced jalapeño, and grated Mexican cheese.  I really could have used some diced tomatoes, but all I had was salsa and the guac’ and ‘peños had already made my taco pizza sufficiently spicy.

This turned out to be kind of enormous, much larger than an after-hours snack (at least when eaten alone) and was probably a gazilliondy calories.  So, I warn you that this should probably just be shared.  Or made when you need to clean out the fridge.  But for dinner, because it fills an entire plate.  And stomach.  Or two.  Sharing!


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